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Hoteliers are smart people !!!!

A Shy young Guy goes to a Bar & sees a beautiful Girl sitting alone. He gathers some courage, goes to her and asks: ''Would u mind if I sit beside you?''

She responds loudly: ''NO!!! I don't want to spend the night with YOU!!!"

Everyone in the Bar turns and stares at this guy. He is shocked and embarrassed and goes back to his table.  After a Few minutes the same girl slowly walks up to him, apologises and says, ''I'm a student of Psychology and I am studying how people respond to embarrasing situations!!''

The guy responds loudly: ''WHAT?? 3,000 Rupees for a single night!!!! That's too MUCH! Every one now stares at the Girl.

The guy whispers in her ear :

''Don't Play Games with a hotelier lady, WE RULE THE WORLD''.....

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